Answering The Call For Medical Facilities

CallNet specializes in providing a wide variety of unique solutions and abilities for the medical industry.

We specialize in custom solutions for medical facilities.

At CallNet, we have a wide range of unique solutions and abilities to offer, but more than that, we care about your success. We do everything we can to be approachable and personable to every one of our clients. We’re receptive to your questions and your feedback, and we work closely with you.

Award-Winning Service

A consistent, positive customer experience is critical, and we make sure it happens every time.

The Latest Technology

Wherever the cutting edge of call center technologies is, that’s where you’ll find CallNet.

Custom Solutions

At CallNet, we work with you to individualize and customize scripts and solutions.

Solutions just for you.

What do you want to happen when a patient calls your clinic? What should they hear? What’s the sequence of questions and answers that should be followed? It’s different for every medical facility. If a call center tries to wedge every customer into the same script, it may work for a few. But for most, it won’t.
We work with all of our clients on individualized and customized scripts. We start out by getting the basics:
Your expectations
The services you offer
Incident/event triage
Custom advisories

We're always here (so you don't have to be).

Patient emergencies don’t give you an advance notice before they happen. Many patients can’t set appointments until after hours. CallNet is the perfect solution to staff-up at a moment’s notice, whatever the issue. We are always available to answer calls, help you troubleshoot, and provide the services you need.
And it’s not just after hours ERs, office messages, and new patient calls – we can cover pretty much anything that happens, day or night, every day of the year. If a patient needs medical information from your office at midnight and they call, we’ll answer. We’ll be your eyes and ears while you’re asleep or on vacation or in a meeting. We have your back.

Here’s how we can help your medical facility.

At CallNet, we provide a wide range of call center solutions for medical facilities like yours. Our services are tailor made to match each clients’ individual needs. Below is the most common service we provide for our medical clients.

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At CallNet, we specialize in knowing how to talk to your customers. We invite you to schedule a call with us so we can begin identifying your needs and build a customer service solution for you today. We’re here to help.

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We'll spend time getting to know your business and its unique challenges, while also answering any questions you have.

2. We'll develop a custom solution

Based on the needs we identify for your business, we'll develop a custom solution tailor made for your customers.

3. You enjoy peace of mind

While your customers experience better customer service, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing CallNet is on your side.
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