Answering Service

Each call represents a potential revenue opportunity – don’t leave it to chance.

In today’s fast-paced world, customers aren’t satisfied with sitting on hold, leaving a voicemail, or speaking with a less-than-helpful employee. With CallNet on your side, you won’t have to worry about that any longer. Our US-based, professional agents will assist your prospects and customers as a natural extension of your team.

24/7 Answering

You can't afford to miss a phone call from a customer or prospect, no matter what time it is. With CallNet, you won't.

Professional & Accurate

Our highly trained agents accurately capture and relay information to your customers on a consistent basis.

Cost Effective

Rather than hiring full-time, in-house representatives, save money with CallNet by only paying for what you use.

Our people make all the difference.

With CallNet, you can rest assured that your customers are enjoying the best experience possible on every phone call with our agents.
Industry-best ASTI and CAM-X Awards of Excellence
Hundreds of years combined industry experience
United States based agents
Bi-lingual agents available
Highly trained, friendly agents

A call center for the modern world.

CallNet's cutting edge technology allows you a variety of choices, all customizable to fit your unique business requirements.
Variety of message and data delivery options
Secure SMS, email, CallNet portal, and custom options
Dispatch and script options, web interface, and call prioritization
Overflow and disaster recovery – we support you as needed
The latest and greatest technology available

We’re here to help – let’s talk.

At CallNet, we specialize in knowing how to talk to your customers. We invite you to schedule a call with us so we can begin identifying your needs and build a customer service solution for you today. We’re here to help.

1. Schedule a call with our team

We'll spend time getting to know your business and its unique challenges, while also answering any questions you have.

2. We'll develop a custom solution

Based on the needs we identify for your business, we'll develop a custom solution tailor made for your customers.

3. You enjoy peace of mind

While your customers experience better customer service, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing CallNet is on your side.
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